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Why the Crisper Sac



For many years I  managed a restaurant in a tourist region and our produce would arrive wilted and limp, especially the salad greens. While washing and trimming helped somewhat, it didn't last. The fridge grabs moisture from produce, so we needed a solution. For home use, my solution for the restaurant needed tweaking and the Crisper Sac was created. 
Why use the Crisper Sac?
Imagine you have just bought another group of vegetables only to find they have off gassed [ deteriorated ] in the plastic grocery store bags. These vegetables need the right environment for storage and the Crisper Sac acts like a regulator for the moisture plants need to remain fresher longer. Try one sac, experience the results and you will be looking for more.

The Crisper Sac - Care and Use

  1. Dampen your Crisper Sac under the kitchen tap. Wring out excess water.
  2. Trim and wash vegetables. Chop salad greens if you prefer for quick access at meal time. For your berries, using the Berry Bag only, wash at the time of consumption.
  3. Fill the sac, tighten the draw string leaving a bit of space so it is not too tight.
  4. Store your items in the crisper drawer keeping the sac damp throughout.

To clean the sac, hand wash with a drop of liquid soap, rinse and hang to dry. Do not wash in your machine and do not use a dryer. The heat affects the terry cloth. Hand washing keeps the airflow we are looking for.