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Care - Use - Sizes

fresh vegetables


Keeps your food fresher, crisper, longer - the wraps actually create a similar affect to that of a rind or the skin of fruit or vegetables.  

Beeswax wraps -  are made with 100% natural ingredients: cotton, beeswax, pine resin and jojoba oil.

Why the wrap works - The formula creates a breathable coating on 100% cotton cloth. Pine resin is the ingredient in the formula that makes it sticky. The oil keeps it pliable.  

Reusable - Replaces cling film or foil that you throw away after one use. Wraps can simply be hand washed to use again and again. 

Compostable - Pop it in your compost. Mother Nature knows what to do with it! 

The basics - With the warmth of your hands mold the wrap around your food or dish. With a little pressure the wraps will naturally stick to themselves. To cover a bowl, create multiple pleats. Place the wrapped item in the fridge and the wrap will firm right up.

Note: do not use for raw meat and fish. Keep from heat sources; do not microwave.


Cleaning your Beeswax wrap - Hand wash under the tap with cold water using your fingertips. If soiled, use a few eco-friendly soap suds to clean. Shake off excess water and set to dry. Once dry, fold and place in a drawer to store. 

How long will it last ? - You should be able to reuse your wrap for a year and more, depending on how much it is used. Your beeswax wrap can be sterilized by placing it on a pan covered with parchment paper. Set the oven at 100 degrees and warm the wrap for three minutes or until it becomes shiny. Once done, remove from the oven, pick up the wrap and wave in the air to cool.

A tip or two for food storage - for a few acidic fruits : Lemon, Lime, Pineapple and Grapefruit, place your cut item in a bowl and cover it by pleating a beeswax wrap to keep the fruit from touching the cut side of the fruit.

Your beeswax wrap also does a good job in the freezer - Try it out with bread or firm cookie dough. To save the time, make a larger batch of dough to use over several weeks.


 Small 8"x 7" / 20 cm x 18 cm

 Medium 10"x 10"/ 25 cm x 25 cm

 Large 13" x 13" / 33 cm x 33 cm

Small (8" x 7") wrap avocado, cheese, ginger, small snack, banana [refridgerated] cover a cup, can or small bowl.

Medium (10" x 10") wrap cheese, grapes, cantaloupe, melons, carrots, celery sticks or a medium plate or bowl

Large (13" x 13") wrap, a sandwich or food wrap, half a watermelon, greens, celery, eggplant, left overs, cookies and  baked goods, or cover a large bowl.